A Necessary Choice:

A canine might not be the first security measure which comes to mind for most people, but our clients have found that this is a highly effective choice, and one which presents benefits far beyond alarm systems, monitored surveillance, or personal bodyguards.

Trained personal protection dogs for sale by International K-9 College are considered to be among the best in the world at balancing highly effective protectiveness with obedient companionship. With over 33 years of proven law enforcement experience and more than 600 police dogs

trained in patrol, narcotics, and explosives detection, our staff has the knowledge to properly train your canine to be a valuable asset for personal protection.

Isn’t it time for you to feel safe in your home and travels?

An Effective Decision:

In multiple studies and interviews conducted among convicted robbery and burglary felons, convicts were asked what security measures taken by homeowners were most effective at deterring their criminal intentions. Consistently at the top of the list were security dogs. Asked why, criminals listed these reasons:

» Canine hearing abilities pick up suspicious sounds earlier than alarm systems
» Canine barking alerts homeowners and neighbors too quickly
» Criminals are scared about being attacked by a dog
» Disarming a dog is more risky than disabling an alarm system

Most of these criminals admitted to completely bypassing a property as a potential target if there was any sign that trained watch dogs, or dog protection present. They simply moved on to a more accessible, less risky target.

With the help of International K-9 College, we ensure that you will never have to play the role of the victim.

A Cut Above:

Every year, hundreds of innocent people, in particular, children, are victims of severely disfiguring bites from aggressive “guard dogs” chosen for their intimidation factor, not their character, intelligence, or careful education.

At International K-9 College, our dogs epitomize the necessary balance between protectiveness and companionship. Other organizations offer security dogs they claim will get the job done, but often these canines have received too much attack training and too little obedience. This can leave owners open to heavy lawsuit liabilities, should the dog disobey or misinterpret a command.

Our personal protection dogs for sale are capable of striking the extremely important balance between guardianship and submission, due to the comprehensive selection and training process they undergo here at International K-9 College.


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