What makes International K9 College different from the other companies I see on the internet selling Dog Training services and Personal Protection Dogs?

IK9C has been in the business of dog training and selling personal protection dogs for over 3 decades. With over 33 years of training, breeding, and importing experience, we offer the absolute finest Personal Protection Dog’s and Dog Training services any where in the world!!! While we mostly train dogs for the private sector, we also provide dogs for Law Enforcement and Military applications. It is our proven experience in these fields that has given us the opportunity to train more dogs than most similar operations. We have trained thousands of working dogs and placed them all over the world. Our dogs can be found from the Port of Miami to Yankee Stadium. We have been honored by the United States Army and commissioned by some of the most elite security companies in the world.

Training a vast amount of dogs has given us the unparalleled experience and expertise to carefully devise a program specifically designed to produce the finest Personal Protection Dogs available to the general public. Our highly trained protection dogs bring not only a comforting sense of security to your home but also the companionship of a beloved pet. Our Personal Protection Dogs are simply the best choice for your family’s safety and well being.

Why does my family need a Personal Protection Dog?

When we designed our are training program we started with a simple idea, provide a protection dog that can be the first line of defense against predators. We want your family to be safe. Canine protection dogs are the best deterrent for unauthorized entry, and when necessary are trained to engage and win a fight against an intruding human entering a restricted premise. It is the duty of a Personal Protection Dog to patrol and defend a territory if breached by an intruder. Protection dogs are alert and fast in warding off any unwanted visitors. As the owner of a Personal Protection Dog we want you to take on a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from harm. Due to the nature of the training and the natural tendencies of working dogs, our Personal Protection Dogs quickly form loyal bonds with their owners. Our Personal Protection Dogs are trained not only to serve and protect, but to be sociable and obedient members of your family and guardians for your children.

What should I expect from my IK9C Personal Protection Dog?

Only the top 1% of any breed is good enough for IK9C’s program. We train them in real life settings to prepare them to be protection dogs in the real world. Even when fully trained. they undergo daily practice in obedience, protection, and agility to keep their skills sharp. All of our dogs have been socialized with children and other animals so they will fit right into your household. Our trained dogs come with the best unconditional guarantee in the business as well as access to proffesional trainers for the life of the K9. Personal Protection Dogs must be properly trained in order to be successful. It takes experience, patience, perseverance, and discipline in order for these Personal Protection Dogs to accept the responsibility of protecting against threats. IK9C only imports only the finest working dogs from Europe.


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